Athletes with Asthma - 

A video program to run faster, jump higher, and perform better

  • Saves up to $3,000 per year in asthma expenses
  • ​Helps you rely less on your inhaler
  • ​Full nutritional plan from an NBA dietician to combat inflammation
  • ​20% off supplements with FWD Fuel Nutrition
  • ​Full complimentary program for parents and coaches


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Follow the program

Get access to over 50 videos on breathing and exercise using our 5 pillars of performance

MINDSET -​ 7 powerful videos on improving your mental fitness 

RECOVERY - 20 videos on overcoming low energy, fatigue, and           helping you maximize the quality of your sleep

NUTRITION - Plan by NBA dietitian, Kylene Bogden on how you can fight asthma through diet

EXERCISE - 30 videos of the best physical training possible to decrease fatigue and improve their energy, power, and stamina. Score more goals, hit more home runs, perform better, and win more games.

​​EDUCATION -​ Videos series to help you implement the pillars of performance and keep improving

As a whole, these 5 pillars will help you to OVERCOME THE EFFECTS OF ASTHMA!

Follow the meal plan

Reduce inflammation that can worsen asthma symptoms through our meal plan designed by NBA dietician Kylene Bogden

See Amazing Results

Stop being held back by your asthma symptoms. 

Our 5 pillars of performance will lift you to new heights. You'll run faster, jump higher, and perform better. 



  • Access to the program’s FULL digital library of over 50 videos, including the Complete Bodyweight Training (19 videos) and the Speed and Power Sports Program (27 videos)
  • ​Complete nutritional guide for controlling inflammation, designed by NBA Dietician Kylene Bogden
  • ​Cutting-edge breathing techniques to improve lung strength and capacity (24 videos) 
  • ​Discounted access to a lifetime of nutritional and performance supplements 
  • ​Companion guidebook for parents and coaches 


The Athletes With Asthma Program is the pinnacle of modern sports science and our life’s work, combining our most successful programs all into one seamless feature. 
In this program, athletes will progress at their own pace through 112 different videos, growing in the five pillars of performance- Mindset, Breathing, Recovery, Nutrition, and Exercise. We, the program creators – Tom and Brad – will be your instructors. We’ll be providing examples of the exercises, structuring for how to approach this transformation, and of course explanations for the science all along the way.  
This is a process of rebuilding the body, vitalizing the breath, and retraining the mind. The new, healthy habits we teach in this program will provide the base for a lifestyle of longevity and success that many with asthma, including us, never thought was possible. 




Hi, my name is Kip Thorstenson. I'm a doctor of Physical Therapy and I run an Instagram page name, Teach by Example. And I work primarily in outpatient orthopedics.

 I think as PTs, we try to take a holistic approach. We try to look at all the different aspects of a patient or client's life. And what they're doing with this asthma program is great. So for those looking to get into this and purchase this program, just know you're in great hands with Brad and Tom and they'll take great care of you. 
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